Our Methodology


Microtons believe in delivering solutions which are flexible, responsive and modular to adapt high demands of modern business needs. Innovation is critical and agile methodology gives responsiveness with flexibility to a solution.

  • Agile software developers implement an entire application on modules
  • The applications are flexible and easier to tweak according to the business needs
  • Agile frameworks are flexible enough to error check under any part of the development stage
  • Such module allows developers to make changes as per customer requirements
  • A pain reliever to developers, our experts provide you with the most flexible format to be customized as per your convenience


A sequential design process, Microtons is a specialist in designing waterfall model used in software development processes to progress through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Production/Implementation and Maintenance - - a complete package that lays emphasis on documentation and coding.

  • One of the oldest models to be developed, this software is simple to implement with effective coding modules for verification at every stage.
  • By its design principles, the model has by far the least number of chances of losing information
  • For small projects which are stable and have frozen plans to develop an application
  • From conception to designing to implementation, waterfall works best in projects with specific deliverables and review process through the phases
  • A classic approach, this methodology has distinct goals for each phase of development
  • This model works best with applications that require departmentalization and managerial control

Industries served


Financial services are booming these days which require a flexible and yet a sophisticated solution to deal with various processes. IT infrastructure in banking sector is becoming technology-reliant and is focusing on various software applications across its departments.

We help you achieve exponential growth by offering customized banking and financial software solution. We aim to meet customer demand for instant, secure, reliable online access to all content and services in banking, insurance, asset management, brokerage, payments and financial exchanges. Extending our expertise, we can be the most dependable partner for your financial service needs.


Manufacturing being a very competitive industry segment requires innovative and unique software applications with an ability to quickly launch new products. With a skillful and smart market ahead, this industry needs to manage the demand & supply cycle efficiently in order to reduce inventory and cost. Indicating the need for an intricate IT infrastructure to support the ever increasing demand in the manufacturing business, Microtons develop applications for such companies.

Microtons, thrives on great expertise for manufacturing clients by equiping the industry with all the tools that help them achieve growth; by delivering customized software solutions across the enterprise, including finance, human resources, and costing. We help the industry to identify and streamline their ever complex processes in a transparent manner.


Retail world - has turned the entire business spectrum upside down. Retail industry gains popularity in the market by being always at the forefront in adapting latest IT solutions. With changing market trends and meeting the needs of culturally and demographically diverse populations, retailers need to be on their toes. Retailers are part of an integrated system called the supply chain and Microtons being an expert in offering IT needs for all major retail formats has serviced them efficiently.

Taking a holistic approach, we ensure clients have a bouquet of integrated services ranging from consulting, application development and maintenance. With such solutions, our clients are better positioned with accurate product delivery and enhanced customer experience. We help retailers achieve higher customer retainership. Microtons is adept at understanding its client and optimizing the crucial part of the retail business Integrate technology to ensure applications to enable viable business opportunities; Microtons help increase retail clients growth patterns exponentially.


A perfect example of coordination and seamlessly integrated service - logistics industry has well adapted IT framework and constantly needs to be updated. Microtons take this opportunity to showcase its expertise for this industry providing customized software solutions.

We are specialists in the field of logistics services offering software applications that involve delivering right across the continents; from freight movement, handling and documentation, we develop customized application and software development services.

Media and Entertainment

One of the most evolving industry and bringing in the latest trends, media and entertainment industry keeps abreast with the latest technologies. Our software development team delivers a valuable business model and high-end solutions, specifically designed for serving specific needs of this industry.

Microtons provides broadcasting companies with effective IT framework, web technologies, client server technologies and broadcast technologies and applications are few such services offered which are exclusively designed for the functions delivered by this industry; we customize and scale up various platforms with added customer experience.


Telecommunications has a wide scope to experiment and we offer an innovative bunch of services to entire landscape including consulting, business operations, and world class support. Expanding our portfolio, our team addresses and identifies a niche framework for IT applications developing a high end solution for global telecom industry.


Healthcare is not far behind any other industry to equip itself with IT and other network applications. With a huge revolution in this industry, Microtons explores an enormous growth in the amount of IT adaptors and implementers.

Major healthcare projects entirely run on IT applications to maintain records. IT has brought healthcare to your doorstep; Microtons offer solutions for healthcare industry to optimize and evaluate the delivery of quality care for its patients. From design to implementation, our healthcare developers work as per healthcare norms. We enable them to develop quality solutions for effective patient care.