About Us

Changing trends in IT and costs is a challenge for a majority of companies to keep upgrading with every new development. Microtons offer you solutions which can help you stabilize your business and provide a viable opportunity for you to grow. We can assist you with the best solutions customized as per the strategic plan. We generally work on two factors - best technology set up and understanding clients’ requirements to translate specifications and designs while developing software development project.

Our Vision

To establish Microtons as an expert in Microsoft technology implementation & consulting; in that process helping drive broad range business growth for our clients

Our Mission

We aim to become a one-stop solution for all Microsoft technology implementations involving single & multiple development strategies.

Why Us?

  • Pick our specialists to get innovative solution best suited for your requirements
  • We understand the technology parameters and strictly follow the quality standard set by Microsoft
  • Deadlines are what we respect
  • We offer you high quality solutions that suit your budget
  • Provide end-to-end solutions in development, maintenance and consulting